Food Trucks 101

Sales Assumptions for Food Trucks


  1. # of people within walking distance of my location during lunch – 3,000 

  2. % of people who buy lunch – 50%

  3. Equals number of potential customers each day – 3,000 x 50% = 1,500 people

  4. % of the market that will choose your food truck each day – 5% or 75 people

  5. Average sale from your menu – $8

  6. Average daily sales on weekday – $8 x 75 = $600 

  7. Then let’s assume you do some catering or events and you make $1,000 per event 2 times per week = $2,000 in catering/events per week.

  8. Total monthly sales = (($600 per day x 5 work days) + $2,000 in events) x 4 weeks per month = $20,000 per month


Now that we have a monthly sales projection we can split that between Food, Beverage, Catering or any other categories as I have done below.

Food Truck Cost of Goods Sold 


By far the 2 most important costs for your food track are Food Cost and Labor Cost (just like a restaurant).  According to Mobile Cuisine, the average food cost for a food truck is between 25% and 38%.  For this example, assume a 30% food cost which means that $6,000 per month will go between food and beverage cost.  Labor cost is likely to be around 33% of sales.  For this example I will assume labor cost (which might be your salary) is $6,500 per month.

General and Admin Expenses 

  • Accounting

  • Advertising

  • Car Washes

  • Insurance

  • License and Permit Fees

  • Event/Parking Fees

  • Supplies

  • Telephone

  • Uniforms

Food Truck lady is able to walk you through to help with your business take care of the details.